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Air Freight Services and its types
10 Dec

Air Freight Services And Its Types

Moving furniture through air freight

Furniture removal is an indispensable service when shifting to a new place that may entail air freight shipment. The services that are required to send definite goods via air transport have unstable forms and types. The packages of air freight might also differ in size and in weight. No matter what type of cargo package or shipment needs you have, you will surely find your most appropriate type of air freight transport amongst the many categories of services accessible in the industry. Household goods, home accessories and furniture removal fall under the most familiar category of air freight transport. This category is considered the most uncomplicated of all categories.

Delivery of small items – Support class

Another category in air freight transport services is termed as the support class. This category covers up the swift or express delivery of small items. Items are generally delivered overnight or the next day. Small packages and letters are generally sent using this category. Due to the small size of the items, they can be effortlessly processed and may come in the standard packaging of the air freight firm. There are many companies which are offering this type of service.

Ground or parcel shipment

The ground or parcel shipment is considered another type of air freight services. Items sent via this category are superior and heavier as compared to the already mentioned types of freight. This also cover objectives from 500 miles to 700 miles and the cargo might be delivered after several numbers of days. This ground shipment will comprise packages weighing less than 70 pounds.

When the cargo is weighing not more than 15,000 ponds, this package will be transported via less-than-truck load service. For example, a box containing imported goods to be sent overseas will need to be transported first via air means. If the end point is in a rural zone then a truck service will be requisite next to transport the cargo.

Weight of the cargo: If the weight of the cargo is among 15,000 pounds and 43,000 pounds, then it will fall under truckload freights. Cars and heavy machinery, characteristically, are enclosed within this category. The same kind of container the item was shipped will also be the same container to be used for delivery. The time of delivery will generally be longer for this category and will likely engross higher rates and excess charges.

Price and cost of air freight

Each kind of air freight will also be at variance in price and costs. The expense of air freight transport services are affected by several factors. One factor among all is the size or the weight of the cargo. On average, the bigger and the heavier an item to be shipped, the higher will be the cost. If the item to be shipped is delicate, or if it is an expensive item such as a painting, a sculpture or any form of artwork, it may need special containers to safeguard it from feasible damages while being transported. Special containers will mean extra costs. Also, if sure insurances or experts will be hired in order to ship the cargo safely, this would signify additional expenses as well.